Festival A-Z

All you need to know

Important Notice:

Here you can find all important information for the Festival 2023. 

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You like it a litte bit more comfy?

Advance Sale Shops

Here you can find our Ticket Informations


Read about our 2022's booklet here.

Camping and Parking

At the Ancient Trance Festival you will find different camp grounds. Read more about camping at the Ancient Trance Festival.

Danger of forest fire

no open fire and cooking ban on meadows and forest areas


We love animals, but don't like them to be around in unnecessarily noisy surroundings. Read more about dogs at the Ancient Trance Festival.

Family & Children

We love kids and you are warmly invited to bring them!

First Aid

What to do in case of emergency. Emergency call 112

Food and Drink

We provide a lot of great food stalls to tease your belly!

Getting Here

It is easy to get to the Ancient Trance Festival - from all directions!

Healing Space

The Healing Space provides relaxation and healing at the festival.


Looking for a festival souvenir?

Media coverage

Professional photographs and films will be made at the Ancient Trance Festival.

Merch/Textile Printing

Our Merchandise and Textile Printing Informations


Ancient Trance Festival - the evolution

Safety and Respect

To make this festival a safe and happy place for everybody, there are some rules to be followed:

Showers and Toilets

Everything about our sanitary facilities


We gratefully thank the town of Taucha and its residents for accommodating us again this year.


Keeping nature and the evironment clean is very important to us.


Hier könnt ihr euch kostenfrei mit kühlem Nass versorgen!

Welcome Center / Lost & Found

Lost property can be handed over and claimed at the Welcome Center.


You are invited to join and dance, sing, meditate, build, play and learn in many ways.


Info for people with impairments