Family & Children

Ancient Trance and children go together wonderfully!

We have meadows and shade, activities for children, and beautiful parent-child bonding experiences.

The public pool is nearby and invites for some splashing fun. Additionally, there's a dedicated family area at the Auencamp. It's peaceful enough even at night.

While we promote mindful coexistence at the festival, we kindly ask you to ensure the safety of your children on the festival grounds.

Lost Child

Tip: Clearly "mark" your children with your contact details, write them on a bracelet, pendant, their t-shirt, or their arms.

If there are no allergies, we have the following durable and skin-friendly ideas for you: henna, tattoo pen, face paint pen, or ballpoint pen secured with spray plaster. Feel free to approach the Welcome at Entrance B for assistance.

If a child is lost on the festival grounds or if you see a child searching for their parents, please immediately go to the Welcome or approach Security. We will then work together with the Spirit Keepers to reunite everyone.

Admission Prices for Children

Children from 0 to 11 years old enter for free.
Children aged 12 to 15 years pay 20 euros. Tickets are available here.

Hearing Protection

Especially for the youngest ears, the volume at a festival can be overwhelming. Therefore, we recommend bringing child-friendly ear protection. You can also purchase or borrow soundproof headphones at our festival. Find out where at the Welcome.

Children's Area

We warmly invite both young and old... come and play, read, paint, craft, tinker, jump on the trampoline, make music, dream, splash, and linger in our Children's Area.

In addition to the beautiful space under the trees and in the yurt, where parents and children can enjoy a relaxed time together, we offer many exciting activities and workshops – specifically designed for our young guests.

PS: Did you know that 20% of our visitors are children?