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Teile Deine Erfahrung und Deine Leidenschaft

Your engagement keeps the Ancient Trance Festival alive!

Conduct a workshop on Ancient Trance Festival.

The Ancient Trance Festival is a great platform for either visitors and you as a workshop conductor to gain and share new experiences.

We have already received first workshop applications and are looking forward to the exciting variety of offers yet! But we want more!

We are casting for experts in the subjects sustainability, herbalism, and healing who like to share their knowledge and skills! There is still need for artistic and craft workshops with space for constructing, doing arts`n crafts and improvising. If your idea and intention is very different from all mentioned, please contact us nonetheless!

For you application as a workshop conductor you have to click on the link below forwarding you to our registration form that has to be filled out completely for a valid application.

We will start with the selection procedure after all applications have arrived. Until this point we won´t answer further inquiries. You will hear from us once the selection procedure has started.

We are looking forward for your application curious about the offers you will share with our visitors on the upcoming event!

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As a team we have the same vision, which we bring to life with the festival. For us, it is a space for inner growth based on a circular culture that is founded on appreciation, mindfulness, respect, compassion, empathy and love.


We want to make change and self-development both tangible and realistic within awareness of mindfulness and vitality. We know that this idea gives the world an opportunity to be socially and economically sustainable amongst one another and our planet, as our habitat to be preserved.


We see ourselves as human beings in a joint creative process of a festival, striving for openness and peace, community and mutual recognition. We all share valuable time together, which should be a wonderful experience for all guests, helpers and organizers.