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Welcome at the Ancient Trance Festival

We are looking forward for your helping hand! Please fill out the helper form as accurately as possible. Once we received your registration we will follow up with you the upcoming weeks if you will be part of the helper team. Don´t hesitate with your registration - first come, first served!

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Please assist us in finding a good position for you in our team by answering the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers! The more honest you answer, the more likely we will be able to place you to everyone's greatest benefit. You are welcome to fill in your own answers, if they are more fitting or if you feel that they tell us more about you. If not, simply check one of the default answers.

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By submitting this form, you confirm your willingness to help at the Ancient Trance Festival.
We trust that you will support us brilliantly.


We will process your application as soon as possible. Still, it might take a few weeks until you receive a confirmation for your help.
Only after that personal confirmation are you a volunteer.


You're important to us! Should you be unable to make it or already have a confirmation, please let us know right away, so we may arrange a substitute.


If you're friends with someone from the Orgateam, ask if they can act as your guarantor.That way, you won't need to buy a ticket. The same goes for everyone that already used up their volunteer quota.

Otherwise, we kindly ask you to pre-order a ticket. Please keep your proof of purchase, so we can refund the amount you paid.