Camping and Parking

At the Ancient Trance Festival you will find different camp grounds. Read more about camping at the Ancient Trance Festival.

All festival visitors coming with a bus, camper, or caravan need an extra ticket for the vehicle for ALL camping areas. You can get the ticket HERE.

Park your car in the designated parking areas on Kriekauer and Sommerfelder Straße.

The following tent and camping areas are available from Wednesday (August 9, 2023), 12:00 PM, until Monday (August 14, 2023), 10:00 AM:

  • The Auencamp is the main camping area. It is divided into 2 sections. Only tents are allowed in the family tent area, and there is a section where you can camp with your buses, campers, and vans (unfortunately, caravan tickets are sold out as of July 2023).
  • ATTENTION: Due to the rain the Engelsdorfer Feld on the other side of the Kriekauer Straße is not passable for guests this year! You will find our caravan campsite on Wurzener Str. / Am Winneberg in Taucha - this campsite is the site for caravans due to its stubble field. Here is enough space for all vehicles. So that the grain cultivation is not endangered, please put a tarpaulin under your vehicle, it can never be excluded completely that your vehicles lose oil or other liquids. Distance to the pond stage: 14 minutes (1.1km), Distance to the bamboo stage: 9 minutes (800m), Distance to the church: 12 minutes (1.2km)
  • In the Trommelcamp (ONLY FOR TENTS!), you are in the right place if the spirit doesn't let you go and you prefer to party until dawn - please still be mindful of your fellow campers.
  • The caravan and camping area at the Hundesportplatz promises peace and the opportunity to sleep in. This place is especially suitable for larger vans and campers as it has solid ground. It is about a 15-minute walk away from the action. You can reach it by bicycle in 5 minutes.

Important information for all tent and camping areas:

  • All caravan and auto-tent campers, please check-in first at our check-in point!
  • Keep dogs on a leash on the campsite.
  • Put a tarp under your vehicle to catch any spills.
  • PROHIBITION of open fire! (neither in bowls nor baskets)
  • Barbecue (no disposable grills!) and cooking is allowed where it is safe for you and our environment.
  • Even if it gets hot, please stay dressed.
  • There is a booth from KoLa-Leipzig where you can get fresh bread and vegetables. They also offer hot drinks, breakfast, and snacks.
  • Please make sure to properly extinguish your cigarettes and throw them directly into the trash.
  • Help us recycle garbage. By doing so, you support our waste team and help us relax during the cleanup afterward.
  • Separate your garbage into plastic, paper, residual waste, glass, PET deposit, and organic waste, and use the numerous waste containers.
  • The camping area is for relaxation. Please be considerate of each other and be mindful of the noise. We appreciate it if you also respect the nighttime quiet so that we can be here again next year in beautiful Taucha! If you like some hustle and bustle, set up your tent in Trommelcamp.


Please check the link for directions.