Everything about our fine selection of consumption options.

Throughout the entire festival, you'll find a colorful variety of arts and crafts, instruments, clothing, and much more from our carefully selected vendors. There's certainly a beautiful festival souvenir among them.

In the Soul Food Area, we offer you a diverse range of vegan/vegetarian food and drinks - your physical well-being is well taken care of!

For Vendors:

The registration phase for the market is closed, all booth spaces have already been allocated. Please note that we cannot accommodate unregistered vendors on the premises. This also applies to food stands at the camping areas. This year, there will be an officially authorized breakfast stand on all camping sites. Please understand that for the sake of fairness to all registered vendors and, more importantly, for hygiene reasons, no additional food stands can be tolerated beyond this.

Traveling artisans are welcome – in designated areas we have chosen, and not within the festival grounds. The clear rule here is: ONLY self-made items that fit on a blanket are allowed to be sold. Nothing traded from India (or other countries), no food!

Market of Opportunities

Opening hours: Friday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Here, even visitors without a festival ticket can get a sense of the festival atmosphere. There is a small stage at the market, as well as vendors and gastronomers offering a comprehensive and sustainable range of products. There are also great crafting and interactive activities for children.

New: Breakfast is available at the Market of Opportunities. Bäckerei Hantschke provides a rich breakfast selection on Saturday & Sunday, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM.