Keeping nature and the evironment clean is very important to us.

The best approach is to bring as little waste as possible to the festival. Use reusable products like dishes and utensils and avoid plastic packaging.

If you can't avoid waste, please don't just throw it away, including cigarette butts, etc. Please bring sufficient garbage bags for plastic, organic waste, and general waste. If needed, our Trashbusters team can provide you with more.

Please separate your waste at the central recycling stations. There will be bins for plastic, paper, glass, and general waste. Organic waste and food scraps should be disposed of in the Re-Food bins. This helps us save costs and effort, as anything you don't separate needs to be manually sorted by us.


Make sure to fully extinguish your cigarettes (fire hazard!!!) and dispose of cigarette butts (including eco-filters) in the ashtrays we have placed in all areas for you. You can also purchase portable ashtrays at the merchandise stand and bars.

Look out for the ashtrays distributed throughout all areas as well.

Around the Oasis and Children's Space, as well as in all workshop areas, we kindly ask you to refrain from smoking out of respect.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are not allowed on the festival grounds! Please consider the many barefoot dancers and children. Instead of glass bottles, you can bring plastic bottles or tetra packs onto the grounds. Backpacks and bags will be checked at the entrances despite the trust placed in you. You can dispose of your glass bottles at the waste stations before the entrances and on the camping sites.

Deposit Cups

Available at the bars for a €2 cup deposit. You'll also receive a deposit button for each cup. The cup deposit can only be redeemed in combination with both the deposit cup and deposit button.

Cup return: Until Monday 14:00 ONLY at the bar on the festival meadow at the Bamboo Stage.

We appreciate your understanding.

Waste Separation

Thanks to the sophisticated German circular economy, almost all types of waste are returned to their respective cycles - compost is produced from organic waste. Paper, glass, and packaging are recycled, and energy is generated from general waste. However, these processes also consume energy and work efficiently only when we separate well in advance.

You'll find the right bins for all waste types on the festival grounds and camping sites!

Thank you for your cooperation!