Info for people with impairments

We're Doing Our Best...

... to ensure that everyone can attend the Ancient Trance Festival.

The Ancient Trance Festival takes place in a park area. There are gravel paths and lawn areas.

As long as it's dry, the paths and festival areas are easily accessible without major obstacles, even if there might be some bumpy, rocky, or uneven spots here and there.

The paths are wide enough for you to comfortably move around the grounds, for example with a wheelchair. There is also ample space in front of the stages, bars, and other areas.


You'll find accessible toilets on the festival grounds - they are clearly marked for your convenience.


You've purchased your ticket and need assistance? No problem! Please present your corresponding proof (disability ID card with the B marker) at the entrance, and your companion can join the Ancient Trance Festival for free.

Special Parking

You have a blue special parking permit? We have organized a contingent of corresponding special parking spaces for you at Auenweg 8-10, 04425 in Taucha. From here you have a short way to the event area. If you park here without the appropriate authorization, you will lose a lot of Karma points and will also be towed away by the city's public order office.


Our Spirit Keepers are on the grounds to assist with all forms of help and support. You can recognize them by their vests, and you can approach them at any time.