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Ancient Trance Festival 2017

Dear Friends,

we are so grateful to experience your support – whether you're a volunteer, visitor, artist, service provicer, donator or team member.

We, the Orgateam are now going into a break for 2018 – to plan, elaborate, love and laugh – only for shifting the Ancient Trance Festival 2019 to the next level.

Enjoy the year 2018 – let's stay connected with Facebook or our Newsletter – and keep the fire burning. Without any confirmation save the date: 9.-11. August 2019

Thankful and connected – The Maultrommel Association


Wir laden Dich ein, ganz nah dran an einem der schönsten Festivals Europas zu sein! Hilf uns, 2017 das fantastischste Ancient Trance zu erschaffen, das es jemals gab und blicke hinter die Kulissen der Magie des Festivals.

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