Ancient Trance Festival

Save the date! 10.-13. August 2023 Tickets ab Dezember 2022

Ancient Trance Festival

Thank you for being there!!! ❤️

Four wonderful days with you have come to an end and the dismantling is in full swing. How fast it always goes... So much planning, preparation and work in advance for you guys to enjoy a relaxed festival. We are super grateful for all the encounters, musical highlights, experienced support and great place to be with you.

We wish you a good and stress-free journey home. Take the magic of the last days with you into the world and already enjoy the anticipation for next year! At the beginning of August 2023 we will be back for you and invite you already now to be with us again!




From Thursday, 11.8., you can report to the clothing store Taucha! Everything that we have found during the dismantling or has been delivered to us, is ready for you there. Please write an e-mail to

All lost property of the festival will be kept for max 4 weeks until 4.9.22.


Stay up to date!

In our festival telegram channel you will always get the lastest news about camping, timetable of bands and workshops, about changes, weather warnings and what else is important.

Are you ready?

We're looking forward to meet you (again).

Ancient Trance 2020

We kindly invite you to be part of one of Europes most beautiful festivals!

Help us to make Ancient Trance 2022 the greatest we have ever had and have a look behind the scenes of the magic the festival rises.

We are a big volunteer based Team - sociocratic organized.






10. August 2023


As a team we have the same vision, which we bring to life with the festival. For us, it is a space for inner growth based on a circular culture that is founded on appreciation, mindfulness, respect, compassion, empathy and love.


We want to make change and self-development both tangible and realistic within awareness of mindfulness and vitality. We know that this idea gives the world an opportunity to be socially and economically sustainable amongst one another and our planet, as our habitat to be preserved.


We see ourselves as human beings in a joint creative process of a festival, striving for openness and peace, community and mutual recognition. We all share valuable time together, which should be a wonderful experience for all guests, helpers and organizers.