Ancient Trance Festival

Save the date! 10.-13. August 2023 Buy Ticket now

Ancient Trance Festival

❤️Was that a wonderful party!

Our Ancient Trance Festival is coming back in 2023

Save the Date!

Our 13th Ancient Trance Festival will take place in Taucha

from 10-13 August 2023!

Presale started! Ticket prices and Caravanplaces

You can buy our Festival tickets here on our homepage.

For 115 € you will receive your festival ticket by mail

For a small surcharge you will receive an exclusive festival ticket on fine paper by postmail;

Festival tickets for children

Children up to the age of 12 do not need a ticket.

A ticket for young people aged 13-15 costs €20.

Tickets for bus and caravan sites

If you want to travel to Ancient Trance by bus or caravan, you can buy a parking space ticket from us for €35 per vehicle for the entire festival weekend.

We would like to encourage people to travel by bus & train.

With the increased price, we want all car guests to contribute even more to the costs of the vehicle infrastructure and, ideally, to make it easier for all those arriving by public transport to transport their luggage to and from the train station in Taucha. We are still working out exactly what that will look like.

Our Vision for our Festival 2023:

“Listen to Change”

Our 13th festival is coming up !!!

With the number 13, an unhappy thought comes to mind, 13. At the table, Friday the 13th and all this reading with negative connotations.

But at the same time it is also an old power number, especially for women's groups.

The 13th represents change, a new beginning, a transition, a passage, menstrual cycles

maybe an old era that can say goodbye?

Because in 2024 we are planning a break for reorientation.

It's time to sit down come down,

close your eyes and look to the ability of our ears to focus.

Listen to change.

The note of the fantasies that carries us, vibrates the space around us and lets us feel the root deep within us that we have always been looking for.

This is the melody of change.



Stay up to date!

In our festival telegram channel you will always get the lastest news about camping, timetable of bands and workshops, about changes, weather warnings and what else is important.

Are you ready?

We're looking forward to meet you (again).

Ancient Trance 2023

You can join us and apply as volunteer from 1st of March 2023!

We kindly invite you to be part of one of Europes most beautiful festivals!

Help us to make Ancient Trance 2023 the greatest we have ever had and have a look behind the scenes of the magic the festival rises.

We are a big volunteer based Team - sociocratic organized.






10. August 2023


As a team we have the same vision, which we bring to life with the festival. For us, it is a space for inner growth based on a circular culture that is founded on appreciation, mindfulness, respect, compassion, empathy and love.


We want to make change and self-development both tangible and realistic within awareness of mindfulness and vitality. We know that this idea gives the world an opportunity to be socially and economically sustainable amongst one another and our planet, as our habitat to be preserved.


We see ourselves as human beings in a joint creative process of a festival, striving for openness and peace, community and mutual recognition. We all share valuable time together, which should be a wonderful experience for all guests, helpers and organizers.