Sacred World Music | Norwegen / Südamerika


Curawaka Sat. 12:00 @ Teichbühne
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Inspired by native culture, the quartet weaves their unique sound in a vibrant tapestry echoing ancient voices of indigenous folklore and sacred ritual practice, which they playfully unfold in groovy latin folk rhythms, in a genre often called medicine music or sacred world music. The four core musicians are representing Norwegian, Mexican, Argentinean and Brazilian nationalities, creating a rich ground for original and colorful nuances in the world music scene.

Their first studio album, Call of the Wild (Nixi Music 2018), is a testimony of vocalist and songwriter Anna Bariyani ́s many years of living with and learning from several of the world ́s indigenous tribes. She sings in Hatcha Kuin, Yawanawa, Sami, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and English, voicing a tribute to the peoples of the natural world and their cultural heritage, while calling for a new dawn in history by restoring the fundamental and sacred ways of humanity.

Line up:

Anna Bariyani: vocals, guitar, hand drum, shakers

Tavo Vazquez: charango, quena, sikuri flutes

Alberto Arroyo: guitar, bass

Cesar Alcedo: charango, quena, sikuri flutes, bass, percussion

Txai Fernando: piano, percussion

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