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Voluntary Helpers

This year we are taking a new approach to our Get-Involved Concept. One aspect is that we need fewer helping hands this year (especially for the positions which have been hardest to fill in recent years).

Since we all work together, it is important that you are committed to your shifts. In exchange you will receive free food for your shifts, some drink vouchers and the refund of your ticket (if you helped successfully).

Your skills:

If you want to be in our team, we expect from you that you are
reliable, committed, responsible and motivated.

When do we need your help?

Become a helper at Ancient Trance Festival

Before the Festival (31.07-10.08.2017)

We're delighted if you'd like to help us build and set up the festival beforehand. There will be several teams doing this work. It's important that you have at least some basic knowledge in your chosen field.

  • Structure building: Structure building: Building of the bar and all structures. You should be able to handle tools safely, and be able to work independently and also as part of a team.
  • Electric / park lighting: building the electrical infrastructure. You don't have to be an electrician (although basic knowledge would be good), but should be capable of sensible and structured laying and distributing of cables.
  • Water / Showers: We're glad to be able to have fresh water in all areas of the site - and self-built showers! The more friends that can collaborate with us in this area, the better supplied we all will be with fresh tap water. Creativity and an interest in plumbing required.
  • Sign Workshop: We want everyone to be able to find their way around the Ancient Trance Festival. We have a huge stack of signs in storage (and we need some new ones too). Together with the team, you can assist with the planned distribution of these around the festival grounds and in Taucha.
  • Runner / Driver: One of the most important tasks that we have is to transport things and people around. We need cargo bike riders as well as van/lorry drivers, who can find their way around Leipzig and Taucha (and who drive around responsibly and reliably).
  • Clean-Team: We are a clean festival. But only if enough ashtrays and rubbish bins are available. You can help us to build the recycling stations.

Werde Helfer beim Ancient Trance Festival

During the Festival (11.-13. of August 2017)

You are warmly invited to help us during the festival time:
Here we need your help now:
Runner, Clean-Team, Counter, Info, Merchandise, Workshop Help, Welcome-Team

After the Festival (14.-16./17. of August 2017)

Help us cleaning up and shutting down the Festival!
It is essential now, that you, if you want to help after the festival, are available and reliable. The more we work together, the more enjoyable it is – and the faster we are done (to celebrate the done work)!

Werde Helfer beim Ancient Trance Festival

Please not write us if you just want to be on the festival for free...